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Inspirational Stickers Pack 50 Pcs Durable Ranking TOP12 Enc Vinyl Some reservation Waterproof

Inspirational Stickers Pack, 50 Pcs Waterproof Durable Vinyl Enc


Inspirational Stickers Pack, 50 Pcs Waterproof Durable Vinyl Enc

Product description

Color:Letter - 3

Inspirational stickers make your water bottle and laptop stylish and lively.

1. Clear picture and exquisite printing;
2. Easy to remove and do not leave a residue;
3. Can easily peel off and stick on other place;
4. Sun protection and Waterproof! The color hardly fades out;

Steps to use?

- Clean the surface of the object;
- Get the stickers and tear off the bottom paper;
- Firmly stick the sticker on the surface of the object, leaving no gaps;
- If not properly pasted, you can tear it up and paste it again;

Materials: Vinyl PVC.
Sticker Quantity: 50 Pcs.

Please Note:

These stickers are not applicable to rough and uneven surfaces.

Inspirational Stickers Pack, 50 Pcs Waterproof Durable Vinyl Enc

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