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Bunny Eyez Max 49% OFF Andrew - Regular dealer Wearable Flip-able Reading Tilt-able Glass

Bunny Eyez Andrew - Wearable, Tilt-able, Flip-able Reading Glass


Bunny Eyez Andrew - Wearable, Tilt-able, Flip-able Reading Glass


Product Description

Sisters Jenny Hutt and Stacy Fritz named their revolutionary new eyewear company after their late mother Bunny Koppelman.

But Bunny Eyez wearable, tilt-able, flippable reading glasses are not your mother's reading glasses.


Stacy and Jenny were sitting side-by-side, as their hair was getting colored — and they were frustrated. There was no way, they realized, for them to wear their reading glasses and get their hair colored at the same time.

Then, like Tess McGill in the movie Working Girl, saying "Trask, radio; Trask, radio," they had an idea. It was time, they decided, for a new kind of reading glasses — which could be worn while coloring your hair, cooking dinner, giving a presentation, sitting at the dinner table, or doing just about anything else.

After several rounds of prototypes, this concept became Bunny Eyez, the ideal pair of reading glasses for whatever you're doing.

Bunny Eyez Andrew - Wearable, Tilt-able, Flip-able Reading Glass



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