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United Medals Beast Mode Sports Hanger Jacksonville Mall Display Medal Max 81% OFF Steel Hol

United Medals Beast Mode Sports Medal Hanger Display | Steel Hol


United Medals Beast Mode Sports Medal Hanger Display | Steel Hol


Product Description

United Medals is an internationally trademarked brand that produces steel medal hangers for sports enthusiasts and athletes of all sports. We design, produce, sell and ship our items to all continents (except Antarctica, obviously because penguins do not need medal hangers) and more than 50 countries.

Our company currently offers more than 50 different readily available designs in different sizes and surface finishings and the design range is still growing!

All items come individually boxed, packaged against the impact that can happen during transportation, and contain a set of wall mountings (screws, wall plugs, nylon spacers) and detailed mounting instructions.

medal medals hanger holder display marathon runner
finisher medal hanger holder display


All United Medals medal hangers are carefully developed and constantly improved by our product design specialists. We are proud of our unique frame design that allows to hang medals without any unattractive gaps between the ribbons!

Unique design

Precise laser cutting

Secure mounting

Sturdy steel

United Medals Beast Mode Sports Medal Hanger Display | Steel Hol

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