Home,Decor,Bottle,$39,inhouse.emplavi.com.br,Display,Glass,Big,Holder,,Bordeaux,/caroubier820934.html,Giant,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,True True Big Bordeaux Glass Super sale period limited Bottle Decor Home Display Giant Holder $39 True Big Bordeaux Glass Bottle Giant Display Holder, Home Decor Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining True Big Bordeaux Glass Super sale period limited Bottle Decor Home Display Giant Holder Home,Decor,Bottle,$39,inhouse.emplavi.com.br,Display,Glass,Big,Holder,,Bordeaux,/caroubier820934.html,Giant,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,True $39 True Big Bordeaux Glass Bottle Giant Display Holder, Home Decor Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

True Big Bordeaux Glass Super sale period Oakland Mall limited Bottle Decor Home Display Giant Holder

True Big Bordeaux Glass Bottle Giant Display Holder, Home Decor


True Big Bordeaux Glass Bottle Giant Display Holder, Home Decor

Product description

Color:Big Bordeaux

This dramatic wine glass is as versatile as it is large. Use it to collect corks or business cards, make it an eye-catching punch bowl or an ice bucket for serving champagne, or convert it into a display bowl for candy or fruit! The possibilities are endless.

From the manufacturer

waterbottle, drinkware, travel ice  bucket; wine bucket; drink tub corkscrew; bottle  opener; easy turn waiters corkscrew; bottle opener wine tote; picnic; bottle holder bartools; barware; cocktail kit
Water Bottle Ice Buckets Easy-Turn Corkscrew Sommelier corkscrew Picnic Wine totes Barware set

True Big Bordeaux Glass Bottle Giant Display Holder, Home Decor

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